I've been struggling with a decision. Should I stay in my house or sell it and either move into a condo or buy a new house? There are pro's and con's for each.

I live in a rather modest home (especially compared to today's standards). We have one child and we could use a little more room.

I've been considering a larger home but my wife doesn't want a new larger house. She feels that a larger house is more to maintain (cleaning and yard work). I agree.

My wife would like to move into a town home or condo. She wants a maintenance free lifestyle. I am in total agreement with her except for one thing. I don't want another mortgage or rent payment.

We own our home free and clear. I love not having a mortgage payment. Mostly because of the freedom I had. If I quit my job (or got fired) tomorrow, I could work at a fast food restaurant and still maintain my lifestyle (at least for a year or two or three).

I keep coming back to the freedom aspect. I could certainly afford a larger house but I would lose my freedom. So for now, we are staying put in our starter home.

It's not easy. I feel social pressure just like everyone else. My friends are moving into larger homes. Some have asked me when I'm going to move. Luckily I'm antisocial so I don't take the pressure too seriously.

I think you could even make an argument that a larger/nicer home may appreciate faster. You might be right.

The one thing that could push us into a larger home is another child. We certainly aren't planning one right now but another child would almost force us to move.

I have to laugh when I see my friends move into a five bedroom house. I'm glad for their success but I wonder why a couple with one or no kids needs five bedrooms. I guess their wives want to fill every room with furniture (as one of my friends told me). Good luck with all that.

So for now, I'm staying put. The current house needs a few repairs. The bathroom could use an updating. However, the cost of these repairs and improvements doesn't come close to the cost of a new home.

In the end, I think you need to do what feels right for you. If you want a new larger home and can afford it then you should buy one.


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