How do you define fiasco? One definition might be the Economic Stimulus Payment from the IRS and the H&R Block Emerald Card. Those taxpayers who've filed with H&R Block and opted to get their tax refund through the H&R Block Emerald Cards are scratching their heads. Will they get their stimulus check in the mail or by direct deposit to the card.

So which is it? The answer depends on who you ask. It's been reported that H&R Block offices are telling people they will get their stimulus payments on their Emerald cards. Others report talking to customer service and being told they will get their stimulus checks in the mail. The IRS site indicates that you will only get a direct deposit if you received a direct deposit of your tax refund in a checking or savings account own by you.

IRS Update

The IRS has updated their site with new information about debit and stored valued cards, which the Emerald Card appears to be. Here's the latest:

Q. I chose to have my tax refund deposited onto a "stored value card" or debit card through the professional tax preparer I used. Will my stimulus payment be directly deposited onto that same stored value card or debit card account?

A. Yes, unless you requested a refund anticipation loan (RAL) through your tax professional, or the stored value card or debit card account has been closed, in which case you will receive your economic stimulus payment by paper check. [Updated 4/30/08]

I've scoured the H&R Block support site looking for answers but I can't find any official message either way. Right now I'm relying on reports from readers.

I've you've had experience with the H&R Emerald Card please let me know. Have your received your stimulus payment on the card or via check? Please leave a comment below and help your fellow readers solve this mystery.


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