Just when you thought the stimulus payment mess couldn't get any worse, the IRS rises to the challenge and and really screws up. The IRS has apparently sent at least 15,000 checks to the wrong people.

I've been overwhelmed by the number of questions regarding the economic stimulus package and the payments from the IRS. Readers have posted thousands of comments (3,300 at last count) regarding questions, problems and concerns with the stimulus payment. At this rate, I can only answer a small fraction of the questions. Helpful readers have been answering questions, giving advice and most importantly voicing their support for other readers.

What Happened to 15,000 Stimulus Payments?

According to this Newsday article, the IRS has admitted that at least 15,000 stimulus payments were deposited in the wrong accounts.

"We do know of instances of problems; we've heard of situations where stimulus checks have gone to the wrong people's bank accounts," conceded Kevin McKeon, the Internal Revenue Service spokesman for the New York region. "We're getting a lot of calls to the toll-free number."

Apparently, the issue was caused by a "computer problem." I love how anyone can blame anything on computers now. It's not our fault, the computers did it. As a computer programmer, I understand that computer errors happen way too often. However, I've also seen a number of problems blamed on computer err when human err was the real culprit. But that's the world we live in today.

"Overall, the vast majority of stimulus payments are going out timely and accurately to taxpayers," the IRS said in a statement issued in response to questions from Newsday. "To date more than 29 million stimulus payments totaling more than $27 billion have been issued.

"As taxpayers contact us with questions regarding the amount or the timing of their own stimulus payment, the IRS is providing answers and resolving taxpayer-specific issues."

So to those of you who are missing your payments, this could be the reason why. Make sure you contact the IRS. Better yet, go into your local IRS office if you can. It's much easier to get what you want in person than over the phone.

If you're one of the people whose payment was supposed to be sent or deposited and you haven't received anything, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let us know your story.


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