According to a published report, federal officials are ready to hit American Airlines with a hefty penalty of $25 million or more for maintenance shortcomings that led to thousands of canceled flights in 2008. The Wall Street Journal says that  the FAA hasn't made a final decision or informed American, and that a decision could […]

Things are good for Dell right now. Only days after regulatory filings showed waning support for Dell CEO Michael Dell, the company reported earnings that topped analysts' estimates. On Thursday, Dell reported net income of $545 million, or 28 cents per share, for the quarter that ended July 30. That's up 17% from $472 million, […]

If you want to get a sense of who has the wealth in this country, just scan the head lines. You'll see everyone losing money except for wall street, big pharma and all of the other corporations that pull the strings on our government. Everyone is losing money, while wall street makes their government deals […]

Pessimism over Social Security is at an all-time high as six in ten Americans who don't already receive benefits through the program say they never will, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. And why should they trust their government? It's just lie after lie. They have cried wolf too often. No one in […]

Tylenol, Motrin, and Benadryl may come back to drugstores near you, but industry watchers say consumers could permanently banish them from their own medicine cabinets. It's a case of fool me once shame on you, fool me a hundred times, shame on me. Too many quality problems have been plaguing them and the brands are […]

You might as well call BP Budget Petroleum now. In an effort to help struggling gas stations and appease furious consumers after the Gulf disaster, BP is lowering its gas prices. They are offering a series of incentives to their distributors that could shave two cents off the price of gasoline at the pump. The […]

I've been watching Sony do just about everything right in regards to the consumer and what the consumer wants for awhile now. It is paying off. Sony is back in profit last quarter and raised its full-year earnings forecast, fueled by stronger demand for its PlayStation 3 gaming consoles, personal computers and televisions. Sony said […]

In a move that could bring Mickey Mouse into the online gaming world, Walt Disney Co. said it is buying social game developer Playdom Inc. in a deal worth up to $763 million. It makes sense as some Disney game titles have done well in recent years. Playdom is among the leading makers of online […]

In what is likely an industry first, Ford is pricing the new Lincoln's new MKZ Hybrid exactly the same as its gasoline version — $35,180 including destination fees. That's shocking news. We are all used to paying much more for hybrid versions. Ford's decision will surely entice more buyers to buy the hybrid as a […]

In an attempt to fill a $70 million budget hole, Newark's mayor is taking dramatic action in regards to the town's budget. He is even going so far as to cut toilet paper from the 2010 budget. The reductions include not buying toilet paper for city offices, cutting the work week to four days for […]